Not To Be Wasted

Earlier this week I was on a flight from Portland Oregon on a cloudy February morning.  Shortly after takeoff we entered the gray clouds above, losing visual contact with the ground below.  As we were enveloped by the clouds, a much anticipated change stated to occur.

The clouds surrounding the aircraft transitioned from dark gray to white with ever increasing brightness.  Then, in a moment of face-warming, eye-squinting brilliance, we emerged atop the cloud layer and into the bright blue sun-filled sky.  I smiled.

There’s something about a sunny blue skin in the morning that charges me up and gets me excited for the day ahead.  This particular morning it was especially enjoyable, due to the lack of sunny mornings in western Oregon this winter.

I’m eagerly anticipating the sunny mornings of late spring, summer and early fall.  The fact that they are not the norm around here for a significant part of the year makes them unique.  Add to that the positive impact they have on me and they suddenly become something of great value.  For this reason I feel they should be taken advantage of and not taken for granted.  For me, sunny mornings should not be wasted.

What are some positive things you enjoy that you may not get to experience as often as you might like?  Whether it’s fresh seasonal fruit, time with certain people, time away from life’s normal routine, or engaging in a seasonal activity, be on the lookout for their occurrence and plan to take advantage of them when they present themselves.

They are precious and not to be wasted.


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