A Quick Though On Sharing Yours

Whenever you’re in a large or small group, professional or volunteer, and the opportunity arises to share your thoughts and opinions, do so!

When we silence our own voice by withholding our thoughts, we willingly hand over the ability to make or influence a decisions to those who do share their thoughts.  We trade in our role as leaders and resign ourselves to passengers on a course someone will chart for us.

You have thoughts, insights, and ideas that could benefit those around you.  However, they benefit no one, if they remain solely in your head.


Even Though It Sucks

On Monday we took our 5 year old Siamese cat Chewy to the vet to be put to sleep.  He was suffering with the last stages of heart disease.  Chewy is the big one in the picture below.


As my wife and I noticed Chewy getting worse we made 2 decisions:

  1. To love him well, all the way to the end
  2. To put him down before he was in pain or having trouble getting around

Chewy was a very lovable and affectionate cat, so the first decision was easy to follow through on.  For me, loving him well meant not only petting him and continuing to say nice things to him during his last days, it also meant being with him until his very last heart beat in the veterinarian’s office.  He brought me a tremendous amount of joy, so it was my privilege to usher him out with love.

Following through on the second decision sucked.  We could tell that Chewy’s time had come, but that didn’t make it any easier.  It was hard to scoop him up in my arms and take him to the vet, knowing that for him, it would be a one way trip.  Although we knew it was the right thing to do, it didn’t feel very good.

Letting him go beyond this point, because we didn’t want to do what was hard, would have been cruel to Chewy and would have gone against the first decision we made, which was to love him well to the end.

While we miss Chewy’s presence, we are grateful that we followed through with our decision regarding when to take him in.  Even though it sucked.

Changing The Plan

On a recent trip to Maine, my wife and I made a stop at Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Bridge.  We hadn’t known about either of these attractions when we started, but rather came upon them while driving from Acadia to Camden.  Since they looked intriguing, we changed our plans and stopped to check them out.


The Penobscot Narrows Bridge was unique because you could take an elevator to an observation deck at the top of the structure and see all across Maine.  It was especially scenic with all the fall colors no display.  Both of these attractions were quite remarkable and well worth the stop.

Fort Knox was a Revolution era fort that thwarted efforts of the British navy vessels that attempted to sail up the Penobscot River.  It was interesting to learn about this fort and explore the building and grounds.  I never knew something like this existed.

I’m glad we were not solely focused on getting from point A to point B, but were willing to change out plans when something interesting presented itself.   The Journey was made more memorable by our willingness to change up the plan.

Energizing Places

Last Sunday my wife and I went up to Mary’s Peak, the highest peak in the Oregon Coast Range.  It’s a great spot that affords commanding views of the Cascades, the Willamette Valley, and the Pacific Ocean.  The day we were there was sunny and beautiful, which made the scene all the more spectacular.


When my wife and I were dating (multiple decades ago) we used to go up to Mary’s Peak often.  We’d go with friends to have a picnic and watch the sun set.  Those were great times resulting in fond memories.  We’d sit up there and talk about future events and discuss how much we enjoyed living in and exploring the Pacific Northwest.  The views from Mary’s peak always left me feeling energized and excited to be alive.

Our visit last week was no different. As we hiked the summit and sat around enjoying the view, I felt the same familiar excitement I did all those years ago, and still feel today.   It’s an excitement to get out and experience the world around me.  An excitement to travel, try new things, to do my best at work and in my personal pursuits, to be the best husband, family member, employee, friend, and Christian I can be.

Naturally scenic settings, especially on sunny days, have always caused me to feel that way.  There’s something in their beauty that makes me want to do and be my best.  I was glad to see that my excitement by and for these places hasn’t changed.

Are there places that energize and cause you to want to do an be your best?  I encourage you to revisit, or even discover the places or events that get you excited to be alive.  Because the world needs people who excited about doing and being their best.

A Holiday Reminder

By the time this blog is posted, Halloween will be over, leaving Thanksgiving and Christmas rapidly approaching.  As I think about where these 3 holidays fall on the calendar, it causes me to wonder if that wasn’t by design versus merely a coincidence.  It seem that Thanksgiving is strategically positioned.  Here’s what I mean…

On one side of Thanksgiving you have Halloween.  The focus of Halloween, as I remember from childhood, is to get as much candy as you can.  And based on the kidos that come to my door every year, it seems like that focus hasn’t changed.  On the other side of Thanksgiving there’s Christmas, which at least in the US, can have a strong focus toward consumption and accumulation.

Right in the middle of these potentially greedy holidays, we have Thanksgiving.  The focus of which (along with the great food!) is to take a moment and remember what we have to be thankful for.  While giving thanks and gratitude may not be as fun as eating candy and opening presents, I think Thanksgiving serves as an important check point.  Instead of letting our Halloween sugar high propel us directly into the frantic consumptive pace of the Christmas season, let’s use the Thanksgiving season as a time to tap the brakes a bit on consumption recognize all we have to be grateful for.

My guess is the blessings you currently possess are far greater than any present you’ll find under the tree this year.