Being Bound

“Those who are bound by the compass have the freedom of the sea.”

Being bound by, or to something, often has a negative connotation. It conjures up thoughts of loss of choice and freedom. Like being bound by an oppressive mortgage, for example. However, we can also have tremendous freedom and choice by what we decide to bind ourselves to.

Take our quote for example. Being bound by the compass means we operate within the principles of how a compass works. If we decide to reject these principles, and navigate based solely on our own intuition, we are almost certain to miss our destination. In the worst case, we are likely to lose our life in the process.

Yet when we are bound by the compass, when we embrace its principles, we are able to navigate anywhere we choose, knowing that the likelihood of reaching our destination is certain.

There are things in our life that are good to be bound to. For me, I’ve found freedom by choosing to be bound to the following:

  • Healthy nutrition and exercise habits
  • Timeless financial principles
  • My marriage vows/covenant
  • The teachings of Jesus

Spend some time this week to determine if there’s anything you should be bound to that would cause more freedom in your life. If there is, bind yourself to it. There’s freedom to be had!

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