Unnoticeable Progress Adds Up

So I’ve been playing the electric bass for about 16 months now, and I have noticed some real improvement from where I was when I first started.  (I should hope so, as I didn’t know anything when I started!)  I am most amazed at how progress has come through almost unnoticeable improvements made day after day.

Big undertakings can seem overwhelming when we first start.  Heck, they can still seem overwhelming even after we’ve been at it for a while!  But the cool part is that our compounded progress can yield significant results.  We simply need to faithful put in the effort required to move us in the direction we want to go.  It is a matter of cause and effect.  We put in the required effort and the desired outcome will follow.

Are you frustrated with what feels like a lack of progress in a current endeavor?  Look back at where you started and where you are now and take note of the progress you’ve made.  Then commit to doing the work required to get the outcome you want, and know that the results will follow.

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