Differing Thoughts

Of all the truths I’ve learned in my lifetime, I think this nugget is toward the top of the list with regard to importance… not everyone thinks about things the same way I do.

This is most evident whenever I have a differing opinion with someone about how a task should be handled, the interpretation of an event, assigning priorities, or just about any other scenario two or more people can disagree.  And while differing opinions can cause frustration, exposure to them is a great way to stretch and grow our own thinking.

If we’re willing to listen to and consider thoughts that are different from our own, we have the potential for our own thoughts to be shaped and improved.  While we don’t have to agree with every differing thought we encounter, we should be willing to allow our thinking to be influenced by good and differing thoughts from others.

Pay attention the next time you’re frustrated by someone else’s differing thoughts.  Instead of just allowing yourself to be frustrated, consider if there’s anything to be learned by this different opinion.  If the answer is “No”, then nothing lost!  But, you may find that these differing thoughts can impact your own thinking for the better.


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