Where Faith Is Deepened

We all like it when things are going well and life is comfortable.  Who wouldn’t?  Things are going well, no major issues to worry about, you just live each day.  That sounds good to me!  However much I enjoy it when things are going well, when I look in the rearview mirror of my life, I’ve noticed that most of my growth has occurred when things aren’t going well.

My family is currently dealing the with passing of a close relative, which has been the opposite of “things going well” and “comfortable”.  What I’m finding during this season, is that this is where I really get to put into practice the things I say I believe.  This is where I get to apply my faith I subscribe to when things are going well.  This is where faith gets stretched and tested.

For me, these events over the course of my life have deepened my faith.  That doesn’t mean these events have been easy or trouble free.  Quite the contrary!  Yet each time I’m guided by my faith, and each time I’m more confident that my faith will see me through the next time.   


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