A Belated Thank You

Have you ever found the solution to a problem you’ve faced in the pages of a “How To” book, or as the result of a Google search?  I have… many times!!  I’m so grateful that the people who provided the content I’ve used to solve problems took the time to actually make it available in a book or online format.  To them, I owe a long overdue “Thank you”.

It’s easy to take for granted all the content that is available to us to help navigate problems we face.  However, the content we consume did not show up by accident.  It’s all the result of people who have faced a problem, overcome it, and deciding to take the time to document what they’ve learned and make it available for others to use.

From other peoples’ experience, I’ve learned how to:

  • Fix minor car issues
  • Correct a shoulder injury
  • Use software more effectively
  • Write code for work
  • Improve my electric bass playing techniques
  • Cook new dishes
  • Improve my health
  • A zillion other things

So, I’d just like to take this week’s post to say, “Thank you” to all the people who share what they know with others.  I’m grateful for your contribution.


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