It Requires Effort

We all aspire to great things, but there’s a difference between aspirations and positive results, and that difference is effort.

Most things that are beyond the ordinary require effort to achieve. Whether it’s developing a skill or talent to an extraordinary level or building a strong and sustainable marriage, lacking effort, no progress will be made.

Here’s a quick way to tell how committed you are to achieving extraordinary results in your life:

  1. Think of something you have wanted to improve in your life
  2. Ask yourself, “What effort have I continuously made it bring it about?”

If your answer to bullet number 2 is, “Not much”, then you’re not really committed to making the change. You just like the idea of the change, but aren’t committed to putting forth the effort to get you there.

While that may sound harsh, it’s that type of questioning that is crucial if we’re serious about improving ourselves.

So, you know that area of your life that you want to improve? Yes, that area! What effort have you made toward its achievement?


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