Make Someone’s Day

I work at a local hospital in Oregon where I provide data solutions to our medical and administrative staff. What I like most about this work is that the data I provide helps people make decisions or do their jobs better.  I love that!

This week I got an unexpected call from one of the doctors I have been working with recently. She called to tell me that the data I provided was extremely helpful in a project related to her re-credentialing process, and that she appreciated the work I did for her. That call made my day! It felt good to hear from someone that the work I’m doing is helping folks.

Her example got me thinking about the people that are helping me and how I’m doing at expressing appreciation. I was reminded that if I enjoyed getting some kind words of appreciation, that other people would most likely enjoy hearing similar words from me. My awareness to express genuine appreciation has been heightened.

If there are people that have helped you, take a moment to give them a call or send them a note expressing your appreciation. You’ll likely make their day.

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