Paying Attention

What would you say was the cause of a person falling off a cliff while trying to take a selfie? Bad luck? Bad timing? Lack of a proper barrier? Maybe. However, I think the cause is more likely something we’ve all been guilty of doing… not paying attention.

While our lack of attention may not cause us to fall off a cliff, it can have unintended consequence that that negatively impact our life. Think about something in your life where you’re not doing as well as you ‘d like. Now consider whether or not you’re paying attention in that area.

For example,

If you’re falling short in your… You might not be paying attention to…
Marriage How you’re communicating with your spouse or to the signals they are sending you.
Career Changes or trends in your career field or to what you should be learning to stay current.
Health The types of food you’re eating or amount of physical activity you should be doing.
Finances Where your money is going.


If we want to do well in an area of life, it requires our attention. Checking out and going on “mental autopilot” will not lead us anywhere great or significant.

Is there any area of your life where you’d like to make a positive change? If so, the good news is the change can begin as soon as you start paying attention.


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