Listen To Yourself

I’m writing this week’s post while sitting in the waiting room of my dermatologist’s office.  I’ve got a small bump on my face that I’d like to have the doctor look at.  Not my favorite thing in the world, but I’ve been putting it off, even though I think it’s better to get things checked out sooner when it comes to your health versus waiting until it possibly becomes something worse.

I find I can be pretty good at putting off things that aren’t urgent, but could be potentially important.  The excuses I can come up with are endless.  However, putting of important actions comes with a price.  For me, that price is the uneasiness I feel when the recurring thought in my head tells me, “You REALLY need to do something about that!”

And the thought doesn’t go away when I don’t take action.  In fact, the thought seems to occur more often the longer I put it off.  Every time my mind tells me I need to take action, it’s as if I’m again paying the price of uneasiness for my own excuses, lack of follow through, or inactivity.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being nagged.  I especially dislike it when I’m being nagged by my own thoughts that are trying to get me to do what I already know I should be doing!  When this occurs, my best choice is to listen to what I’m telling myself and take the action I know I need to take.

How about you?  Have your thoughts been nagging you to take an action you already know you need to take?  If so, you know what you need to do.  So go do it!


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