This week in the US there was a news story about a college admissions scandal where parents were paying large sums of money to have their kids admitted to prestigious colleges and universities.  I’m left scratching my head at the decision making process of the adults involved.  My guess is that none of them had a guardrail in their life to keep them from making their bad decision.

A guardrail in your life, just like one you see on the highway, is something that protects you from going too far in the wrong direction.  For example, a guardrail can be as simple as a question you might ask yourself before making a big decision.  A good guardrail question for the adults in the college scandal might have been, “How would what I’m about to do come across if it were broadcast on the evening news?”

A person’s faith can also serve as an excellent guardrail.  When you’re considering a decision, take a moment to see if your potential decision squares up with the teaching of your faith.  If it doesn’t, you should seriously reconsider whether your decision is worth pursuing further.

It’s easy to judge the adults involved, but let’s also remember that without some kind of guardrails in our own lives, we are all capable of personally destructive acts.

Now is a great time to look at your life and see what kind of guardrails you have in place to keep you from getting off course.  And keep this in mind:  guardrails will only help you if they are in place before you need them.


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