Confront It

Whatever you’re trying to avoid won’t go away until you confront it.”  ~Unknown

This quote really resonates with me.  There are things that I’d rather not deal with, but hoping that they just go away is a bad plan for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, it’s a waste of brain power.  Just because I decide not to take action doesn’t mean my brain isn’t still thinking about it.  Whenever I put off action I know I should be taking, my mind seems to double down on the mental reminders.  I’ll use more brain power reminding myself of the fact that I’m not taking action than I would if I actually took action.

Also, just hoping that something you’re avoiding magically goes away accomplishes nothing more than sowing the seeds of worry and stress.  The more you avoid taking action, the more stress and worry you experience.  This seems like a waste of not only your brain power, but your time as well.

I’m working to get better at doing those things I tend to avoid, versus putting them off.  I don’t need to clutter my thoughts with worry or waste my time reminding myself for the nth time that I need to take action.  Instead, I choose to confront avoidance with decisive action.

So what have you been avoiding?  What have you been putting off with the hopes that it would just go away?  An appointment you need to schedule?  A conversation you need to have?  A decision you need to make?  Whatever it is, I encourage you to confront it and take the action you likely already know you need to take.  It’s time to free up our brain power to focus on other topics.


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