What We’re Letting In

“You are, in fact, a mashup of what you let into your life.”

~Austin Kleon, Author, Steal Like an Artist

What word would you use to describe yourself?  Better yet, what words do you think other people would use to describe you?  Would they use words like kind, intelligent, positive, thoughtful, compassionate, focused, or would they choose less flattering words?

Regardless of the words chosen, the attributes others see in us (and the ones we see in ourselves) are all the result of what we have allowed into our life.

So what are these inputs we’re allowing into our lives that have such a significant impact?  We’ll they can be anything from the people we hang out with to the books we read.  From the movies, TV and digital content we consume to the environment/culture we experience at home, work, and the places we frequent.   These inputs all have an impact, and the more of something we allow in, the bigger the impact it has.

What I think is cool is that we get to choose what we allow in!  If we currently like what we are (what we’ve become) we should continue allowing in those inputs that brought us to this point.  If however, there are certain attributes or behaviors we’d like to eliminate or change, we simply need to remove those negative inputs that brought us to where we are and replace them with new inputs that will take us where we want to go.

Is there any area in your life that you’d like to change?  If so, examine the inputs that brought you there and stop allowing them into your life.  Then start allowing new inputs that will cause you to create the attribute or behavior you desire.

It’s simply a matter of being intentional about what you let in.


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