The Secret Ingredient

My wife has been a task-closing machine this past week.  We’ve had a handful of tasks that needed to get completed, but we just hadn’t gotten to them.  One by one she set her sights on these tasks and took action to close them.  I was amazed to learn how many tasks she was able to complete in a relatively short time.

One thing that stood out from watching her was that our biggest barrier to getting stuff done, or causing something we want to happen in our life, is our own failure to take action to bring it about.  Sure, we all want things to happen or task to get done, but “wanting” alone will not make it happen.  Taking action is the secret ingredient to completing tasks, achieving goals, and successfully bringing about change.

Is there anything in your life you want to do, start, or complete?  If so, I encourage you to follow my wife’s lead and take action to make it happen.  And if you make taking action a habit, you’ll likely see positive life changing results.


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