Don’t Be Afraid To Struggle

I’m currently struggling; and I’m thankful that I am.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been playing the electric bass guitar for about 15 months now.  While it’s been fun, it’s also been a struggle.  I know where I want to be as a bass player, and then I listen to myself and realize where I currently am.  Let’s just say there’s a gap!

It takes effort to improve and often that improvement has not come quickly or easily for me.  Yet, as I struggle to make progress with the bass, I can look back over several weeks and realize that I have indeed made progress, and that the struggle to this point has paid off.  That encourages me that my current struggles to master the bass will also pay off in the days ahead.

Most undertakings to achieve a worthwhile outcome will require struggle.  Whether it’s solving a problem you currently don’t have an answer for, learning a foreign language, or becoming a better version of yourself, plan on having to struggle your way to success.  If success didn’t require struggle, we would have done it already.

Be encouraged by the struggle you face in your worthwhile endeavors, knowing that the struggle is what will bring success.  Also remember that you can punch out and quit and your struggle will be over, but so too will the opportunity for success in your chosen pursuit.

Struggle on!


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