You’ve Got Enough Information

Imagine a scenario where you’re gathering information and doing research regarding:

  • Taking a vacation
  • Going back to school
  • Losing weight
  • Getting out of debt
  • Quitting a bad habit
  • Starting a good habit
  • Or any number of other activities you’d like to undertake

Now here’s a question to consider: How would you know when you’ve gathered enough information and done enough research?  The answer would be, when you know what action you should now be taking.

Gathering information and doing research is an important step in any planning process. However, once our research has made clear what steps we should be taking, it’s time to stop researching and start executing on what we know we need to do.  Continuing to research at this point provides little more than a barrier to progress.  It can be a comfortable way to procrastinate.

As you’re gathering information for your next big undertaking, be sure to frequently ask yourself, “Do I have enough information to take action?” If not, then continue to gather information.  But if you know what action you should take, stop researching and take action.  Because the sooner you take action the sooner you’ll see results.


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