Jump On

When I was in early grade school my mom took several of us to the local fire department for a tour of the station.  Toward the end of the tour we were on the second for standing at the top of the fire pole.  (You know, the pole the fire fighters slide down when the alarm goes off.)  The person leading the tour was telling us about the pole when he turned to me and said, “You want to give it a try?”  In my young mind, the first floor seemed like a long way down, so I responded with, “Maybe next time.”

As I think back on that memory, some 40 years later, I wish I would have done it.  I wish I would have said, “You bet!” then jumped on the pole and slid down.  All those years ago, it was fear that kept me from a unique experience.  Now, I realize how fun that would have been and how much it would have enhanced the experience.

While I regret not sliding down the pole all those years ago, that experience continues to motivate the adult me not to pass up unique opportunities or to be needlessly fearful of new experiences.
When we’re presented with exciting new opportunities that are just outside our comfort zone, let’s begin the habit of saying, “You bet!” and jumping in.


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