Ride the Wave

While pursuing a goal or project, have you ever stalled out on progress because you lacked some skill or knowledge required to take the next step?  I have!  It can be extremely frustrating being stuck and not making progress.  What makes up for the frustration, however, is when a breakthrough finally occurs and you gain the skill or knowledge needed to move ahead.  At that point progress begins to come rather quickly.  When that breakthrough occurs, it is imperative to immediately take action and ride the wave of your new found momentum.

“Riding the wave” is giving focused effort at applying your newly acquired knowledge.  It is taking swift and decisive action to maximize the enthusiasm, excitement, and momentum that result from your breakthrough and causing something to happen that quickly propels you toward your goal.  Failing to take action immediately after a breakthrough allows other forces take hold and keep you in a place of stalled effort and minimal progress.

Be on the lookout for these breakthrough moments and view them as signals to crank up your effort in order to ride the wave of momentum that has been created as a result.  By doing so, you’ll be making huge leaps toward achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.


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